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Crown and Bridges in Burlington

So, your dentist has suggested that you need a crown or a bridge. Perhaps you have not heard of these terms before, or more likely, you have heard of them, but do not exactly know what the benefits of these procedures are. Let’s help you understand.


The purpose of a dental crown is to allow your affected tooth to look, feel, and act as strong as the tooth did originally. By placing the crown directly over the original it restores the size, shape, and strength of the original tooth without having to extract the tooth. This is particularly useful when your tooth is stable enough that it does not need to be extracted, but is not strong enough to be subjected to restoration by a veneer. The benefits of a crown:

  • Your smile looks amazing, just like it did originally. The color and shape of your tooth is completely restored and it’s impossible to detect that any work was done.
  • Typically, your crown will last a long, long time. Crowns typically last longer than any other type of restoration.
  • There is no better way to protect a weakened tooth than a crown.



If you’ve ever seen someone get a tooth knocked out in sports or lose a tooth to decay, and seemingly miraculously have a full, healthy smile weeks later, you’ve seen a bridge. If you’ve lost a tooth either to force or decay, our team will help you regain your smile with a bridge. Two crowns, as described above, are placed on either side of the gap and one or more false teeth placed in the gap. The result is a full, healthy smile.   The benefits of a bridge:

  • Your smile will appear 100% healthy and the rest of your face will look completely normal.
  • Your speech will return to being 100% normal and clear, and you’ll no longer have any issues chewing your food.
  • Your other teeth will not be affected by the absence of a tooth.
  • Prevents tilting and shifting of neighbouring teeth into the gap.

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Dr. Phalguni Sougaijam

Dr. Phalguni Sougaijam


Dr. Phalguni Sougaijam has over 20 years of experience practicing general dentistry. His area of focus and experience
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Dr. Tehchin Hsieh


Dr. Tehchin Hsieh graduated from the University of Toronto, with an honours degree in dentistry in 2009. Dr.