Why Dental cleaning is essential

Why Dental cleaning is essential

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At Guelph Line Dental we recommend that our patients visit us a minimum of every 4 – 6 months for a regular dental hygiene cleaning appointment. This may seem like a lot, and that is understandable. Why do we need to brush and floss TWICE a day if we still need to “see the dentist” every 4 – 6 months? Seems like an awful lot of time to dedicate to one relatively small area of your body, doesn’t it?

Well it’s worth it, and here’s why!


Dental Health is Connected to Overall Health

Study after study has shown that you cannot be healthy and vibrant with a mouth that is less in less than optimal health. From oral health issues to cardiac problems, the list of ailments affiliated with poor oral health is long and concerning. For that reason alone, your trip to Guelph Line Dental should shoot to the top of your priority list!


Bright, Healthy Smiles

Health concerns aside, there’s nothing that instills more confidence than a winning, bright, white smile. Along the same lines, there’s nothing that kills confidence quicker than a smile that’s less than ideal. By stopping in every 4 – 6 months for a quick dental cleaning and assessment you’re giving your smile the attention it deserves, and ensures that you’ll have the best smile you possibly can.


Avoid Gum Disease

One of the key purposes of a regular hygiene appointment here at Guelph Line Dental is to watch for warning signs of gum disease. Even someone who is diligent with their daily oral health routine can fall into the trap of having gum disease. Even worse, as mentioned before, gum disease can affect the rest of your body as well, causing inflammation and allowing infections to travel, even to your brain! To avoid this, make sure you book your regular 6 month appointments and allow our team of professionals check for gum disease, and if there are warning signs, catch it before it becomes a bigger issue.


Create an Oral Health History

Knowledge is power, particularly when put into the hands of our dental professionals at Guelph Line Dental. By making regular visits and dental appointments, you allow our team to collect key data and information on your oral health over time, allowing us to compare and contrast your results and impressions from visit to visit. This allows us to notice trends and issues while they are minor, and ensure that you have the best opportunity to live a healthy, pain-free life.


Stop Problems Before They Start

The cleaning you receive is only part of the benefit when you have regular appointments here at Guelph Line Dental. Just as with gum disease, the key to so many oral health problems is catching it early before it becomes an emergency. Getting checked out regularly may seem onerous, but you give yourself the best chance of avoiding those horrible dental emergencies that result in a great deal of pain, time spent in the office, and money spent on procedures.

With all of this understood, we’re sure you will want to book your regular 4 – 6 month appointment today! Please click here to schedule your appointment with our team of professional dental experts. See you soon!