Details On Re-Opening

Details On Re-Opening

Dear valued patients and families of Guelph Line Dental,

We thank you very much for your continued patience and cooperation during this closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is unprecedented times for all of us. We have been tirelessly working to ensure a safe return to work based on our regulatory body (RCDSO) guidelines. As we get closer to reopening, kindly stay tuned for update in the next few days regarding the date of reopening.

Once reopened, we ask for your patience as we start rescheduling hundreds of cancelled appointments. In addition to strictly implementing enhanced protocols, our schedule will be modified to accommodate new Covid-19 protocols.

Meanwhile, we are here to help you with dental emergencies. We will be dealing with any emergencies on an individual basis so we can help you manage the issue. The contact information for the doctors is on our answering machine message.

We are so looking forward to seeing you soon!

Please stay safe.


Your care team at Guelph Line Dental

Tel: 905.335.2775

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