Have You Re-booked Your Appointment?

Have You Re-booked Your Appointment?

As most of you know, Guelph Line Dental has been open since June 8th (over a month and a half now) for your in-person visits. While there certainly was a backlog of care that needed to be administered due to the COVID-19 closure, we have been catching up to your needs quite rapidly. The response and support we have received from the Guelph Line Dental family has been overwhelming!

Strict Public Health and College Guidelines for safety has been established and met for every patient visit. We have established a strong and effective Covid-19 safety protocol since reopening, and so we are extremely confident and thrilled to welcome you back for your in-person visits.

To all our patients who have kept us busy since reopening, it was a pleasure to see you again! If you are waiting to re-book your previously cancelled appointments, kindly call the office to do so. We thank you wholeheartedly. We feel a great deal of pride that you have placed your trust and confidence in Guelph Line Dental.

If you have family members, relatives, friends, or colleagues looking to find a dentist, we would be grateful for your referral. We are accepting New Patients!


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