Energy Drinks Vs Your Teeth! A Rivalry Is Born!

Energy Drinks Vs Your Teeth! A Rivalry Is Born!

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It seems more and more our culture is moving away from regularly consuming sugary soft drinks multiple times a day. That’s great! However, there’s a more concerning move afoot, and that move is towards “energy drinks” that contain MORE sugar and are jacked up with crazy levels of caffeine and other dangerous, harmful substances. Energy drinks are everywhere, and their branding is exciting and attractive, appealing to a younger demographic than even traditional soft drinks.

This is a battle that must be won! Not only because of the excess calories and affect on the wasteline, but the very real detriment they have on your oral health.

There are two ways that energy drinks do real damage to your mouth:

  1. The acids attack the protective enamel on our teeth. These leads to increased tooth sensitivity and issues within the tooth.
  2. The sugar enables bacteria to grow. This bacteria attacks the nooks and crannies of our teeth, causing tooth decay, infection, and finally tooth loss.

It’s time to fight back! Start by cutting them out of your diet, ideally entirely, but at the very least drink dramatically fewer. You don’t need them, and will feel much better when you cut them out of your habits. Then book an appointment here at Guelph Line Dental and have your teeth and gums thoroughly examined by our group of friendly dental professionals. Don’t worry, we won’t make you feel bad about drinking them, but we will help you out with the best course of action to get your oral health optimized!

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