Series: Oral Health During A Pandemic - No Sharing

Series: Oral Health During A Pandemic - No Sharing

No Sharing!

We get it. You love your family or your significant other. You are very, VERY close! So what harm could come from grabbing the wrong toothbrush?

Well, beyond it just being kind of nasty, sharing a toothbrush is one of the easiest ways for viruses to be passed from person to person. You’re basically building a Golden Gate Bridge for the virus and other germs to march right into your body from your family members’. Remember, not every germ or virus reacts the same way in every body. So, just because everyone in your family is asymptomatic, doesn’t mean there are no viruses in the family. A virus could produce little or no symptoms in one family member, and be a SERIOUS problem for another. 

With that in mind, it’s best that we treat each toothbrush as solely the property of its owner. Use your own toothbrush, and no one else’s! 

One more thing. Many of you are probably sitting there thinking, “well obviously, who would ever want to use someone else’s toothbrush?!?!”. Well, first of all things happen, so let’s not be judgy! But, it’s not just USING someone else’s toothbrush that is inadvisable. Have a look at where your toothbrush sits when you aren’t using it. You need to make sure the toothbrushes are not touching each other. If they are, you’re essentially sticking the other person’s toothbrush in your mouth. 

So make sure you only use your own brush, and you store your toothbrushes safely apart from each other. Pretty simple stuff, right? 

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